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> (as an aside, we serve coffee and tea at local, indoor events here--the majority of our barony's events take place during really colder months, so it's a kindness and a courtesy to have hot beverages available. And it helps keep the non-cooks out of the kitchen....)> --Maire
Syrup of Apples
Take a ratl of sweet apples, those that the common people call sarîj [this might mean "little lamps"], cook them in water to cover until they fall apart and theirsubstance comes out, then clarify it and take the clear part and add it to a ratl of sugar. The bag: an ûqiya of aloe stems, pounded and put into the bag. Cook until it takes the form of a syrup. Drink an ûqiya in two of hot water. Its benefits: it fortifies and gladdens the heart.
I've made this several times and it's wonderful on a cold day.
Although I do cheat and use tea bags instead of a bag of pounded
aloe stems to provide the bitterness.
Period lemonade was also served either hot or cold. Make a syrup
of equal parts syrup and lemon juice. Add water to taste.
Even without tea or coffee, people considered a hot drink a good
thing in cold weather.  I know ales were heated and I wonder
if the Norse heated mead or anything in winter?
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