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<<Being hassled and/or playfully threatened by people who  feel
that they have a god-given right for event staff to purchase,  arrange,
prepare, and clean up their caffeine of choice makes me want to  scream.
For my kitchen staff, I will arrange coffee. As an event steward, I  shut
my eyes, arrange for a coffee making person, and lie back and think  of
I suspect that this attitude is carried over from the workplace, where it  is 
pretty much expected that coffee will be available at all times, hence the  
"coffee service".  I have made several complaints through my own office's  
suggestion box to the effect that it is discriminatory to offer 15+ choices of  
types of coffee in multiple places in my building, but the non-coffee  drinkers 
are expected to be happy with a choice of regular or decaf black tea,  sugar, 
and coffee creamer, or to bring their own supplies if they are not.   Or, of 
course, to avail themselves of the soda machine, most of which is stocked  with 
caffienated beverages.
I've seen this attitude in other areas, however, such as the event where  the 
dayboard I provided consisted of an excellent vegetarian soup, bread, fruit,  
Pies of Parys, and Tarts of Ymbre Day, and where I was approached by a woman 
who  seemed quite convinced that there was a stash of bread, cheese, and 
hard-boiled  eggs somewhere in the kitchen and that I could of course provide her 
with  such to take to her lord at the list field.  She could not fathom the  
concept that these things were not available.
Brangwayna Morgan

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