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Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 14 14:57:39 PST 2008

I'm interested in this discussion -- and eagerly awaiting follow-ups 
with recipes -- because i recently got a used bread machine from 
FreeCycle (without its helpful book, however -- i need to check 

I'm not a big bread eater (unless it has nuts, or olives, or cheese 
in it, and a hard crunchy crust), but i'd like to learn more about 
making bread and i've got no one to guide me.

I had thought that a local bread maker had offered to help me -- i 
think of learning bread making as a very *hands on* experience, so 
one can get some idea of the texture of a properly kneaded dough. But 
when i recently asked about getting together to make bread, they said 
they'd give me a recipe to do on my own. Well, i'm sure i can find 
recipes on my own, and i'm willing to try most things on my own, but 
i really wanted some guidance with bread dough and the kneading 

Also, i've got arthritis beginning in my hands. Right now it's mostly 
in my thumbs where they connect to my hands, but it's also developing 
in the joints of my pointer fingers. So a free bread machine can 
knead the dough more comfortably than i can.

I don't want to try it in my antique Cuisinart even though it has a 
plastic blade for dough. I really don't want to burn out the poor 
thing, as i need it for feasts. And i've got a few things in my 
expenses queue ahead of a KitchenAide, which i may get around to much 
later this year...

So i've been following this thread with some interest.
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