[Sca-cooks] Beverage experiments

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Fri Feb 15 06:49:11 PST 2008

Yes, actually.  I've almost always got lemon and mint syrups in my house, and I enjoy drinking them in the evenings as an alternative to hot or iced tea (depending on the season).  People are so accustomed to the modern, caffeinated drinks around here, though, that bringing alternatives to events means I generally take them back home.  I hope to do an Islamic feast some day, god and knees permitting, and will be serving syrup-based drinks then.  I've tried the pomegranate, and want to spend some time experimenting with other recipes (like tamarind), for myself, if nothing else....
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  >(as an aside, we serve coffee and tea at local, indoor events 
  >here--the majority of our barony's events take place during really 
  >colder months, so it's a kindness and a courtesy to have hot 
  >beverages available.  And it helps keep the non-cooks out of the 

  Have you considered experimenting with period hot drinks, such as 
  some of the syrup drinks in the Andalusian cookbook? I think we've 
  served both the pomegranate and the lemon ones at Pennsic in the 
  evenings, although not recently.

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