[Sca-cooks] The Tiniest Little Gloat

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Tue Feb 19 01:50:24 PST 2008

Oh.. I guess I live in a sensible State. :) I have never come across a fish
place that served some other vinegar. It's always been malt vinegar. I know
of someone in my Shire that probably would have gotten hot flashes with the
discussion on ovens. :)
Were the bangers traditional or beef?
Sounds more like a parfait then a trifle.


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Crap fish & chips places might put any ol' vinegar on the table.  This
place has proper malt vinegar, a sensible and thrifty side-product of
the beer industry.  "Alegar" might be the more precise term but most
people wouldn't understand that.

So Marc spoke for about 10 minutes about what they have done over the
past year, which is nothing too sexy and new but more like gathering
statistics, measurements of everything from the size of ovens to the
temperatures in the inside and outside of grilling meat.
I had fish and chips [one of the best in L.A.], Renata had bangers and mash.
The sponge puddings were nice but nobody ever taught them how to make
trifle.  Seriously.  No cake at the bottom, just jelly with tinned
fruit cocktail in, and cream.  Nononono.


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