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Mon Feb 18 22:59:24 PST 2008

Crap fish & chips places might put any ol' vinegar on the table.  This 
place has proper malt vinegar, a sensible and thrifty side-product of 
the beer industry.  "Alegar" might be the more precise term but most 
people wouldn't understand that.

So Marc spoke for about 10 minutes about what they have done over the 
past year, which is nothing too sexy and new but more like gathering 
statistics, measurements of everything from the size of ovens to the 
temperatures in the inside and outside of grilling meat.

He did talk about one interesting avenue of research, more of a side 
trip really but most revealing of the 15th Century mind.  Phrase books 
for travelers, which seem to reveal a lot about what the writers thought 
a traveler needed to be able to say.  Particular one about travel to the 
Holy Land, which included some interesting language choices such as 

I had fish and chips [one of the best in L.A.], Renata had bangers and 
mash.  The sponge puddings were nice but nobody ever taught them how to 
make trifle.  Seriously.  No cake at the bottom, just jelly with tinned 
fruit cocktail in, and cream.  Nononono.

Marc schmoozed around all of the tables, and told us a funny joke about 
Spanish cooking:  Rule number one, if it moves, fry it.  Rule number 
two, if it doesn't move, fry it and see if it does.


otsisto wrote:
> This is fantastic! but I have to ask, "real" malt vinegar as oppose
> to.......????
> De
> -----Original Message-----
> I can't resist - tonite Selene and I (and about 40 of our fellow culinary
> historians) are having dinner with Marc Meltonville, one of the historial
> anthropolists who works in the Hampton Court kitchen and authors its blog.
> We are going to?our local English pub - great fish'n'chips and real malt
> vinegar!
> Marc and/or his cohorts come into L.A. about once a year or so to do
> research at the Hunting Library and usually brings slides and/or samples of
> their clothing and tools.
> Woo-hoo!
> Renata
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