[Sca-cooks] The Tiniest Little Gloat

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 19 08:24:41 PST 2008

1502, and the Marquess of Bath is officially a Dick.  What would it cost 
him, honestly?

All the temperatures Marc reported were in Celsius but we did okay with 
that.  1100 in the hottest middle part of the largest roasting fire is 
still bloody hot.  That explains how they manage to properly fire that 
clay pitcher with the meatloaf stuff inside.  I'll have to ask Mercy or 
Hroar what "cone" that is.


silverr0se at aol.com wrote:
> This year they've been told to apply science to what they are doing so they are measuring everything - like how much wood leaves how much ash, the tempature of meat as it roasts on a spit (very interesting - there is about a forty degree difference between the flame side and the non-flame side so the meat is constantly expanding and contracting) and that the 15 foot wide roasting fireplace actually gets up to kiln temperatures.
> Marc's cohort Richard is attempting to decipher a 1502 (or was it 1602, Selene?) manuscript recipe book, whose owner the Marquis of bath will not let them see the original. He's working from a 1950's microfiche that has the backside of the pages showing thru, so he is going somewhat nuts.
> It was a great evening, well worth staying out past bedtime.
> Renata

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