[Sca-cooks] Cultural Mindset

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 19 08:41:06 PST 2008

> As Duke Inman MacMoore phrased it, Ansteorra is a blue> collar kingdom. That means incomes are quite a bit less for> many of our SCAdians and we have a number of people> how are not particularly adventurous eaters. Add to that a> number of really bad "period" feasts over the years and> there are some issues trying to sell the better and more> period angle. It helps if you have a reputation for delivering.  I used to think that Ansteorrans had pretty limited taste butthey have consistantly surprised me.  At Coronation last month Mistress Elin was sitting vigil and Baroness Alys serveda nice Scandanavian buffet. She made a nice effort but I feared it would go untouched. There were sardine sandwiches,pickled herring, caviar and other "non beef and potatoes"dishes. By the end of the day the only thing she had left wassome cookies. Those Texans and Okies cleaned her out ofstuff even I was a bit leery of. A couple of her biggest fanswere younger teens. I have not had a single person ever come up to me and saythey won't eat my feasts because I do period food. Quite theopposite, I have heard people praise several feasts and buffets on the fact that period food was served. Ansteorrans'tastes are changing toward more period food just as theyare wearing proper garb, camping in period pavillions andstudying period fighting styles.  Yes, earlier there was a huge prejudice against period foodmainly because of several unfortunate feasts by cooks whodidn't understand the cuisine. But with efforts of Bear, MistressGwyneth, Mistress Clara, Mistress Meadhbh, Mistressa Clarissaand me things have changed dramatically. The average SCAdian doesn't care if what they are eating is period or not. They just want it to taste good.  As far as doing feasts or A&S, well, I'm getting my Laurel nowso I never have to do them again!.......Right??? Gunthar
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