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Oh, you will find cheese on the table-but it is what KIND of cheese. Sorry-I have no intention of doing the Slab of Chedder thing. 
I usually lurk, here. You all know so much more then I do, that it is just enough to sit here and read.?
and learn.

You did what around Mistress Katrina? I am surprised you still have your head! <G>?

Kojin is now our Baron. He still Brews. In fact, he is doing a little something at Gulf Wars, on Period Brewing, as one of the King's Champions, if memory serves.?
We do still have bountiful Period Feasts (we cook for Laurels and Fighters),?lots of fighting, and the same A&S Faires.? I, in my own humble opinion, think it is one of the best all-around events in Kingdom. 


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Master Niccolo;

"Everything Old is New Again"

It seems that yes, everytime there is a rise in Gas Prices, there is a
renewed price argument going on. Now, there is also talk of Pay to Play,
Benefits of Pain Membership, levels of Membership, etc., coming from the
Grand Council.
But, this time, we are all in pretty much agreement-prices HAVE to increase.
No two arguments bout it.

If you are able to make it, please join us in December for Magna Faire. If I
get the bid, I can promise you a Mostly Period Foody Day...Some things are
just what is 'done', true, but that doesn't mean we have to pander to
I think that we can offer Period Food for Breakfast, now.??It just might not
have been eaten for breakfast....

Sausages and Rolls, anyone? Doughnuts and Funnel cakes? Oatmeal and
Porridge? <G>

Helen > > > > > > >

At the very least, I would expect/hope that diced or chunked slabs o' cheese
will make fewer appearances on tables for a while.  Dairy is starting to
drop a tiny bit, but still pretty out of sight with eggs.

Ya' know, Magna Faire was always one of those events I enjoyed showing up
to.  I was at the 1st three or four of them and loved what it became.  The
food is plentiful and ususally well prepared . . . and I even stuck my boot
in my maw when I quipped that "these scones look like drop biscuits" just as
Mistress Katrina, the breakfast cook, scooted by.  Ooops.  Those were the
days of the Knaves of Grain and lots of fun with Ansel the Barrister and
Kojin the Wayfarer.  Ahhh . . . the memories.


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