[Sca-cooks] Feast Thanks and Feasts

margaret m.p.decker at att.net
Tue Feb 19 21:16:35 PST 2008


However, I have reached 'never again' stage.  Sadly,
at this most recent 12th night none of the crowned
heads deemed it necessary to thank the kitchen crew;
not publicly by calling them into the hall to thank
them (though I am told the populace did toast the
kitchen, an event that no-one in the kitchen was aware
of) or by coming or sending a representative to the
kitchens to convey their appreciation.  As such I can
only assume that our feast (I take credit for
designing and shopping the feast (and for coming in at
a much larger profit than I intended due to some
incredible luck shopping (angus beef sirloin roasts
for $1.49lb)) but my kitchen crew worked their tails
off to make that feast happen, and THEY deserved to be
acknowledged) was not adequate or acceptable and as
such I will not subject the kingdom to another.

I was told 'they are young' but I feel saying thank
you is basic courtesy, no matter how young or old.  Im
not asking for cookies, scrolls, awards, or rewards,
just for two words and perhaps 30 seconds of their
time to acknowledge the HOURS the crew gave for them.
As Gunthar said, If you didn't like something, come
tell me, but DON'T DISS MY CREW!

Part of me will miss playing in a kitchen on that
scale, but enough is enough.

In Service and Sadness
Gwen Cat

This probably explanes the love and loyalty you receive from your crew. I 
for one will be glad to offer any assistance my poor health will allow once 
it is no longer a two day drive just to see you.

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