[Sca-cooks] Recognition

The Sheltons sheltons at sysmatrix.net
Tue Feb 19 21:21:10 PST 2008

I had to go up and remind our King 2 weekends ago.  He's a cook himself but 
people were starting to pack up and no one had recognized the cooks for one 
of the better SCA feasts I've had.  He'd been chatting and just forgot. 
Fortunately our Crown Prince has a booming voice that got everyone's 
attention.  I've only been overlooked once.  The recognition is nice, but I 
enjoy getting the rest of the kitchen crew out in front of the populace. We 
have a lot of newbies that work in the kitchen and it's often the first 
recognition they receive.

John le Burguillun

> Gracious Johnnae and all on this wondrous list,
> I apologize if my missive was misleading. It is not
> for myself I am disillusioned.
> I have also done donation lunches, and taught classes,
> and traveled, and assisted in feast kitchens at
> distant events.  Those who asked me to cook, or teach
> have ALWAYS thanked me in some way.  Frankly, had they
> not said thank you I would have not gone back another
> time.  (I have been told I am a slow learner, but I
> can be taught :-)
> On the Feast issue, I am not disappointed on my own
> behalf, but on behalf of those who cooked and worked
> because _I_ asked them, and who were not (IMHO) truly
> acknowledged.  I was thanked (as I mentioned at the
> end of the first block) individually by several
> members of the populace, and more in subsequent hours
> and days, also by the autocrat (who also provided
> trinkets to the crew), and by our Baroness (in
> writing.)  I also made it a point to ask a boon in
> Baronial Court and publicly recognized all my crew (I
> admit, I forgot one and humbly apologized when I
> recalled) and the populace cheered them mightily, but
> I feel _I_ should not have been the one to initiate
> this, and it should not have come just from myself and
> the populace.
> I also make it a point to provide a small trinket of
> my appreciation to anyone who helps in my kitchen
> (requested helpers and those who may wander in to do
> some dishes and depart again.)
> But Euriol made my point quite plain "I do not recall
> any time that I have not been brought out, as a Head
> Cook, and thanked for the feast by the Royals."  All
> my previous endeavors as head cook the Cook AND the
> entire kitchen crew was called forth and thanked, or
> given thanks in the kitchens on a more personal level.
> In this case neither happened.
> While I may cook again on a smaller, more personal
> level, I do not feel it is fair to ask others to work
> this hard and be forgotten.
> In Service, Sadness, and Clarification
> Gwen Cat
> (ah the power of a word)

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