[Sca-cooks] Recognition

Kerri Martinsen kerrimart at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 20 09:47:00 PST 2008

It is also good to get the whole kitchen crew out just so the rest of the
folks know how many people were involved in preparing their dinner.  It's
also a good time to ask for people to help with cleanup :O


On 2/20/08, The Sheltons <sheltons at sysmatrix.net> wrote:
> I had to go up and remind our King 2 weekends ago.  He's a cook himself
> but
> people were starting to pack up and no one had recognized the cooks for
> one
> of the better SCA feasts I've had.  He'd been chatting and just forgot.
> Fortunately our Crown Prince has a booming voice that got everyone's
> attention.  I've only been overlooked once.  The recognition is nice, but
> I
> enjoy getting the rest of the kitchen crew out in front of the populace.
> We
> have a lot of newbies that work in the kitchen and it's often the first
> recognition they receive.
> John le Burguillun
> Atlantia

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