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Wed Feb 20 12:41:39 PST 2008

In some cases the sauce is the marinade, in some cases it is an accompanyment.  You are, in my opinion, right about the pomegaranate sauce as being the marinade.  It adds colour also.  

In Bright Hills we managed to introduce sauces slowly over a fairly long period of time, same as some of the of the "less than ordinary" dishes.  We have now developed the palate of the populace as well as bringing forth their experimental nature and we now serve sauces quite a bit.  Sauce "bob" and STC are still the favorites though.


> From: kerrimart at mindspring.com
> But isn't a fair amount of flavor development due to cooking time and
> absorption into the meat? This may not be such a big deal with the lemon
> sauce but the pomegranate needs to be absorbed by the meat. I was tempted
> to inject the sauce into the chickens about 10 minutes before they are
> served to allow for marinating time.
> And is it just me or do people tend to be "scared" of sauces.
> Just rambling here...
> Vitha
> On 2/20/08, euriol  wrote:
>> If I may suggest, serve a whole roasted chicken to each table with the two
>> sauces on the side. That way the portioning of the chicken is not dependent
>> on the sauce, and then the feast goes can try one or both of the sauces as
>> they are want to have.
>> Euriol

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