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<<At a long ago Twelfth Night, Queen Battista came into the  kitchen 
afterwards and mopped the floor.  That's the kind of helpful  person she 
was. Talk about conflicting impulses;  between "No, Your  Majesty, we 
will do that" and "Anything you say, Your  Majesty".>>
Duke Timothy of Arindale, during the numerous times that he was King  of the 
East, came to the kitchen after feast at almost every event, along with  his 
squires, and they all stripped off their shirts and washed dishes.  Not  only 
helpful, but a decent eye candy factor as well :-)  On the occasions  when he 
had business to conduct after dinner, he would send a squire with orders  that 
we were to leave the biggest dirty pots for him to wash.
Brangwayna Morgan

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