[Sca-cooks] Advice on feast cooking and supplying.

Karin Burgess avrealtor at prodigy.net
Sun Feb 24 12:23:46 PST 2008

  I am not sure how limited your vision is but I can say that if it is near mine (blind in 1 eye and about 20/200 without a contract lense in the other) it is very possible.  For me reading the recipes is always chellenging so I will copy them into a word processor and print them out in a much larger font.    I also learned along time ago (I have had poor vision my entire 39 years) to not be shy about it. If I need help I ask.  I always try to do it on my own first though. I am not ure of how many people realize how poor my vision can be so I think sometimes people are surprised when I say that I can't read something. The other issue I have come across is if in a large kitchen or room and I need someone who is all the way across the other side, I can't always tell where they are.  I can addressed this by making sure I know exactly what they are wearing ( clothing is much easier to recognize then faces from a distance) 
  Now my vision issue is a bit odd. My vission is greatly improved when I am not under stress (I have nystagnus which causes the eye to shake, which cause decreased ability to focus) so in day to day activities, it is very manageable.  But because my vision is effected by stress, I try to minimize it as much as possible while in the kitchen.

     I doubt seriously with my limited vision, that I would ever cook a feast that large..but hey,anything could happened, right? 

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