[Sca-cooks] Cooking and Serving Equipment, was Late Italian feast

Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Feb 20 16:16:34 PST 2008

Why not ask for the local groups/principality to purchase some 
cooking supplies?

As an illustration,tThere is a professor at my university who was asked by 
a female student why the male grad students got all the teaching assignements -- the 
answer?  They asked for them, while the women didn't. (The professor has 
gone on to research this, and has 
produced a fabulous book "Women Don't Ask" Susan Babcock).

That said, the local/principality will never acquire cooking equipment 
until someone either asks for some or donates some then makes a fuss about 
keeping it in good shape and having the group add to it.

The question then becomes does the current system of cooks owning all 
their own stuff and borrowing from each other work well enough to not ask?

toodles, margaret

On Wed, 20 Feb 2008, Lilinah wrote:

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> Subject: [Sca-cooks] Cooking and Serving Equipment, was Late Italian feast
> Dragon wrote:
>> Lilinah wrote:
>> >I know i have to supply all cookware, serving dishes, and utensils
>> >when i cook a feast - yeah, i don't own everything, and i can
>> >sometimes borrow from other cooks, but i can't count on it.
>> Why should you buy it?
>> Our barony owns feast gear that they loan out to whoever needs it. I
>> can't imagine having to do a feast with just my own gear or that
>> loaned from fellow cooks.
> Well, our Principality doesn't own a darn thing food related.
> And the West cooks guild doesn't own anything, either, although it
> finally got a web site a year or so ago...
> We cooks are on our own. Sometimes a site has some stuff, but we
> can't rely on that. One time i helped at a feast and the site had
> great pots and other equipment. The next year i was head cooking a
> feast at the same site and there was NOTHING - they'd locked it all
> away somewhere months before. Since we used the site annually, there
> was no need to visit it prior to the feast. Good thing i'd bought a
> few big pots and brought most of my kitchen with me...
> So we cooks must be self-reliant and we often loan stuff to each
> other, but sometimes there just isn't enough. For my most recent
> feast i bought a lot more serving dishes - especially bowls with a
> flange-lip for servers to grip for serving soup. I still need more of
> them... To augment what i could afford, I had to borrow some very
> Victorian-looking tureens from another cook.
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