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Yes, sortof. I was actually at the planning meeting where this order was
It was more for convenience than anything. We have quite a few "newbies" of
In our Barony and I think it was actually to make things easier on the

Here is how it is listed on our Event Website:
For those who camp or stay on site there will be a potluck dinner based on

If your highest award is:

Non-armigerous = appetizer
AoA = side dish
Grant = dessert
Peer = entree

(Please note that bread is not an option in this list. Thank you.) 

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Subject: Re: [Sca-cooks] Cheese and appetizers (was)Feast costs/budgets
>From: Bhadra <bhadradharma at gmail.com>
>Ahhhh yes, sorry, but, we were assigned what to bring
>By order of rank and non armigerous persons such as
>myself Are to bring appetizers. Sorry that was unclear.
Ah.  Thank you.  Rather like the system of "if your SCA name begins with A-D
 bring a dessert...".  My slightly fuzzy brain was conjuring up some kind of
arcane culinary sumptuary law, in which armigers are permitted soup but not
stew, salads are restricted to Laurels, and only Counts may serve sausage...
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