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It took me ten years to get my AoA; I totally agree that having an advocate
for you is absolutely essential. I think some people assumed I had one, too.
There have been crowns in this kingdom who would not give awards to people
that they did not know personally, which to me seemed to belie the point of
writing letters, yes? I I also realized that it was, in part,some of the
people I was hanging out with in the SCA,who tended to fart around for ages
and then do everything at the last minute, thereby insuring that it got done
in a half-assed fashion, which I found highly irritating when Dan and I had
to come in and pull their asses out of the fire yet again. So, I quit
hanging out with those people, and took a lesson out of Dan's book and did
things because I wanted to do them, and immediately started having fun at
events again. I also consulted a peer of my acquaintance and told her that
even though I wasn't in this game for the accolades, I really wouldn't mind
having one, and she advised me to do things where people could see me doing
them. Inside a year I had my long-awaited AoA, seven months pregant with my
first child and absolutely forbidden to kneel to my crown! I got it in my
local shire, too, where everybody knew me, from a king and queen from our
area both of whom I had known for years,  which to me was much better than
at a kingdom event with a thousand people.
In hopes that my story will be helpful to other people out there, I remain,
In Service to the Dream,
Lady Isabella de la Gryffin
PS: IMO, two years sounds about right to me as a minimum time for getting an
AoA, that way you get a good idea if the person's going to hang around or if
they're just passing through. Personal opinion only.

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> Olwen the Odd wrote:
>>We have on online Baronial "reminder" on the calendar that gets
>>automatically e-sent each month to remind folks to send in letters
>>of recommendation to the Coronet and the Crown and Orders.
>>We also have a Baronial Order of Precedence on the Yahoo site that
>>folks can check to see who has what.
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> That's all well and good but I have found that in order to actually
> get something done, having an active advocate is very valuable. Thus
> if I think somebody is deserving of an award and I know they do not
> have it, I will personally lead a campaign to get that person recognized.
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