[Sca-cooks] Cheese and appetizers (was)Feast costs/budgets

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
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On Feb 21, 2008, at 10:53 AM, Bhadra wrote:

> See my post to Brighit. But, just in case you missed it,
> When that was decided it was, I think with the intent of making it
> Easier on "newbies". I'm one of those people who have played a long  
> time
> (since 1989) and have never been blessed with an AOA.
> Long story...
> Sabina

Yes, I saw it, but it was after I posted. I suspect that most things  
are done for more than one reason when they're done at all, so I still  
wouldn't completely rule out the possibility that it crossed  
somebody's mind, cynical fellow that I am at times.

There's all sorts of stories of people being non-armigerous (or  
lacking some other award that everybody thinks they already have, or  
should have) for really long periods of time. It was always  
interesting to me to hear people say you generally get your AoA after  
a year, and I'd been holding local offices, running local events,  
cooking for them, and cooking for successful kingdom events for...  
well... several years. It turned out it just never occurred to anybody  
who'd be in a position to see all this and drop a note to the Crown,  
that I didn't have one. Eventually people (in my own household, mind  
you) came to me and said, "You know, I always _wondered_ why you  
didn't have any scrolls framed on the wall," and all I could say in  
response (biting back the obvious "Duh! Hel-LO!") was, "Well, there's  
a small problem with that..."

Then, of course, there are lots of stories of people who make various  
names for themselves in the SCA, and then vanish before the award  
thing can happen, and then they may resurface years later. My favorite  
of these is of the lady who was supposed to be elevated to the Order  
of the Laurel at a Crown Tourney Court, but was instead made Crown  
Princess, and it was felt they shouldn't do both in one day. So they  
waited for the tenure as Princess, and then the Reign, to end, and  
then various Real Life issues intervened, and they waited a little  
more... and a little more... and just a little more... until finally,  
I got to ask a boon from my King and Queen for the lady to be added to  
the rolls of the Order, 22 years later. That was pretty cool...


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> On Feb 21, 2008, at 2:42 AM, Robin Carroll-Mann wrote:
>>> From: Bhadra <bhadradharma at gmail.com>
>>> Ahhhh yes, sorry, but, we were assigned what to bring
>>> By order of rank and non armigerous persons such as
>>> myself Are to bring appetizers. Sorry that was unclear.
>> Ah.  Thank you.  Rather like the system of "if your SCA name begins
>> with A-D, bring a dessert...".  My slightly fuzzy brain was
>> conjuring up some kind of arcane culinary sumptuary law, in which
>> armigers are permitted soup but not stew, salads are restricted to
>> Laurels, and only Counts may serve sausage...
>> Hear Brighid babble...
> I suppose it's conceivable (and this is not a comment on the OP) that
> non-armigers might be considered, by whomever made up this system, to
> be less experienced in the likes and dislikes of the group, and
> therefore to be less "trustworthy" where entrees are concerned, or
> perhaps less inclined to expend a lot of effort for people that don't
> know too well.
> Along similar lines, all other things being equal, for a Thanksgiving
> potluck, are you going to assign the newbie (and yes, I know there are
> people like me who were in the SCA for seven to ten years or more
> without getting an AoA -- work with me, here) the bread-and-butter
> pickles or the turkey/ham/etc. ?
> I'm not saying it's _good_ reasoning, mind you, just that it may be
> what they were thinking, or at least part of it.
> Adamantius
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