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Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:

>On Feb 21, 2008, at 10:53 AM, Bhadra wrote:
> > See my post to Brighit. But, just in case you missed it,
> > When that was decided it was, I think with the intent of making it
> > Easier on "newbies". I'm one of those people who have played a long
> > time
> > (since 1989) and have never been blessed with an AOA.
> > Long story...
> >
> > Sabina
>Yes, I saw it, but it was after I posted. I suspect that most things
>are done for more than one reason when they're done at all, so I still
>wouldn't completely rule out the possibility that it crossed
>somebody's mind, cynical fellow that I am at times.
>There's all sorts of stories of people being non-armigerous (or
>lacking some other award that everybody thinks they already have, or
>should have) for really long periods of time. It was always
>interesting to me to hear people say you generally get your AoA after
>a year, and I'd been holding local offices, running local events,
>cooking for them, and cooking for successful kingdom events for...
>well... several years. It turned out it just never occurred to anybody
>who'd be in a position to see all this and drop a note to the Crown,
>that I didn't have one. Eventually people (in my own household, mind
>you) came to me and said, "You know, I always _wondered_ why you
>didn't have any scrolls framed on the wall," and all I could say in
>response (biting back the obvious "Duh! Hel-LO!") was, "Well, there's
>a small problem with that..."
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I think a large part of this is that people you play with assume you 
already DO have an AoA or something else so nobody does anything 
about it. In my case, it took four years to get my AoA, precisely 
because so many people assumed that I already had one. In fact, when 
a few people found out I didn't yet have one, they reacted in shock 
(which I thought was funny).

This is where it is good to have advocates who lead campaigns to get 
people awards they deserve. I'm currently leading two such to get a 
youth I know an Acorn (Caidan youth service award) and another person 
with a bad case of helium-hand deserves a Crescent (Caidan service 
award with a grant of arms).


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