[Sca-cooks] AoAs and such (was Cheese and appetizers)

Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 21 10:03:47 PST 2008

We have on online Baronial "reminder" on the calendar that gets automatically e-sent each month to remind folks to send in letters of recommendation to the Coronet and the Crown and Orders.
We also have a Baronial Order of Precedence on the Yahoo site that folks can check to see who has what.


> I think a large part of this is that people you play with assume you
> already DO have an AoA or something else so nobody does anything
> about it. In my case, it took four years to get my AoA, precisely
> because so many people assumed that I already had one. In fact, when
> a few people found out I didn't yet have one, they reacted in shock
> (which I thought was funny).
> This is where it is good to have advocates who lead campaigns to get
> people awards they deserve. I'm currently leading two such to get a
> youth I know an Acorn (Caidan youth service award) and another person
> with a bad case of helium-hand deserves a Crescent (Caidan service
> award with a grant of arms).
> Dragon

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