[Sca-cooks] Cooking and Serving Equipment,

Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 21 09:59:22 PST 2008

> ---------------- End original message. ---------------------> > We have a bunch of stuff here in Calafia too, it resides in our > "Keep" (a rented unit in an industrial park where we can store the > baronial property and do various work details). The biggest problem I > tend to have with it isn't getting it but transporting it as my truck > is usually stacked full of food and feast supplies so I have to > wrangle somebody else into doing it.> > It has been discussed, and I am going to push for it, that we do an > online equipment inventory and request form. This will make things a > lot better in the long run.> > Dragon> > 
Pictures of the items really help.
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