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Thu Feb 21 09:48:47 PST 2008

Olwen the Odd wrote:

>Oh my!  I would say that fund raisers and bake sales are the way to 
>go toward getting some money to purchase guild items.
>Here in Bright Hills we have so much stuff.  Much is owned by the 
>Cooks Guild and some is owned by the Barony.  All is appropriately 
>marked and inventoried and binned.  The Barony owns a trailer which 
>houses almost all the Baronial "stuph" including signs and portable 
>holes and pavilions, etc, along with the cooking/serving stuff.  The 
>Guild stuff is inventoried and binned and kept in Chirharts 
>barn.  We have a pictorial book of the inventory so when a feast is 
>being planned the book can be perused to decide what items to be 
>brought to a site for cooking or serving certain dishes.  In years 
>past we used to just bring it all and sort through on site but now 
>we have soooooo much that is just rediculous to think of 
>doing.  Then we also have the items owned and marked specifically by 
>House Blackstar or other individuals.
>We also have a goodly inventoried stock of spices and dry goods.
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We have a bunch of stuff here in Calafia too, it resides in our 
"Keep" (a rented unit in an industrial park where we can store the 
baronial property and do various work details). The biggest problem I 
tend to have with it isn't getting it but transporting it as my truck 
is usually stacked full of food and feast supplies so I have to 
wrangle somebody else into doing it.

It has been discussed, and I am going to push for it, that we do an 
online equipment inventory and request form. This will make things a 
lot better in the long run.


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