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De wrote:
>The Principality shouldn't be the one with the food equipment, it should be
>the Baronies and Shires.

Well, the Principality of the Mist holds three feasts a year: two 
Investitures and the Bardic Competition and Feast.

I can't speak for the other two principalities, Cynagua and Oertha, 
nor for The Marches, which include Korea, Japan, Okinawa, and Guam.

IIRC, the Baronies of Darkwood, the Westermark, and Vinhold, which 
are branches of the Principality, do one feast a year (although one 
may do two). At least one has some cooking and serving stuff, but 
it's quite far from me and i've never done a feast anywhere near it.

Shires/Provinces/Cantons/etc. for the most part do one feast per 
year, if at all, and they have, as far as i can tell, rather limited 
budgets. Many of these smaller branches only do pot-luck or "barbecue 
in the park" type feasts, for which they've no need to own cooking 

>Perhaps now is a good time to start asking your local group to acquire
>cooking equipment. Present a list and cost of what is needed and wanted so
>that the group can over time acquire such items or people can donate and/or
>people might find the item on sale.

I've started a thread on our Kingdom cooking list about having a 
branch own feast gear - there is no branch cooking list for my 
Principality or the various Shires and Provinces with which i play.

>Ex: I acquired shallow rectangular baskets from Wal-Mart for $3 ea.,
>normally $9 because they were on clearance. I then donated them to my Shire.
>My groups first feast, we used a school's kitchen but it was minimally
>stocked w/equipment as they were a small school. so we borrowed from a near
>by Shire. Since then we have been accumulating cooking and serving
>equipment. We still have a ways to go but we will not have to borrow as much
>from the other group.

Can others on this list discuss how their branch or guild does the 
"own their own cooking and serving equipment" thing, please?

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