[Sca-cooks] Measuring Honey

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Feb 22 08:30:38 PST 2008

Barbara Benson wrote:
>This is one that has bit me in the butt before, so prior to any
>redacting I would appreciate a refresher course in measuring Honey.
>How do you convert the weight measure to a liquid measure. Meaning, if
>something calls for 1 lb of honey how would one measure that without
>using a scale? I seem to remember that 16 oz by weight does not
>translate to 16 fl oz by liquid measure.
>I am sorry to ask such a simple question, but this is one of those
>things that my little brain cannot seem to hold on to. Like my total
>inability to pronounce the  name of the condiment Worschestershire
>Sauce. Can't do it.
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Back in the days when I was making mead regularly, I used to buy 60 
lb. buckets, that 60 lbs. of honey equated to just about 5 gallons, 
so about 12 lb. per gallon. Which means that 1 fl. oz. of honey is 
approximately 1.5 ounce by weight.


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