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Elaine Koogler kiridono at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 12:18:53 PST 2008

Well...back in the day before the financial rules got to be so
strict/convoluted/weird, we could take the profit that we would have turned
in from the feast to purchase cooking gear...and/or purchase equipment that
was needed to cook the feast from the money allocated for the feast.  We
can't do that any more.  So now we have to ask the financial committee to
approve funds to purchase equipment.

We also used to be able to purchase things if we saw them, for example, at a
really gret price somewhere and, if the cost was under $50, get reimbursed
automatically.  If it ran over, the group had to vote, but it almost always
passed.  None of this can be done anymore.  Again...any purchases have to be
approved by the financial committee.  Sigh.  Makes it really
difficult...unless you want to donate whatever your purchase.

Unfortunately, Phillip and I have donated a lot of stuff back when the group
couldn't afford it...now they can, but want us to jump through all of these
hoops.  We've been burned enough times that we just aren't inclined to
donate stuff anymore.  Now, if I see something I think will come in handy
for a feast...and it's at a really great price, I will purchase it, but keep
it for myself.

I know this sounds petty and small, but my recent experiences with things
financial in the SCA have been so bad that I have even contemplated not ever
cooking a feast again!  I'm doing our ME feast in March, but with the
understanding that I won't have to face any of the hassles I've had in
previous years.  If this doesn't happen, then this is very likely the last
feast I'll cook in the SCA.  Sigh.


On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 3:00 PM, Lilinah <lilinah at earthlink.net> wrote:

> I really appreciate everyone's descriptions of their groups stuff.
> I have another question...
> How did the collection get started?
> I've brought the topic up on our local list and i assume i'll hear
> more over the next few days, but so far it's mostly been, "i just
> borrow from so-and-so/my household" or " i own all/most of what i
> need".
> Maybe i'm a complete crank, but i think one should not have to own so
> much as an individual (and, hey, i've now got a lot of SCA feast
> cooking and serving stuff), nor always have to be searching from
> someone to borrow from.
> I also think one should not have to be a member of a household to be
> a head cook. I bring this up because i cooked no feasts in 2005 and
> 06 in part because every time i offered to cook a principality feast
> the principality seneschal turned me down because i wasn't a member
> of a household.
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