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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Feb 22 12:57:38 PST 2008

Lilinah wrote:
>I really appreciate everyone's descriptions of their groups stuff.
>I have another question...
>How did the collection get started?

In our barony that was done before my time so I honestly do not know 
the answer to that. I surmise that it was done because people 
realized it was to the benefit of the group as a whole to do so.

As far as adding to it goes, when somebody believes we need to 
augment it, we make a motion in Baronial Council to procure the 
funds. I have yet to see anything reasonable turned down.

>I've brought the topic up on our local list and i assume i'll hear
>more over the next few days, but so far it's mostly been, "i just
>borrow from so-and-so/my household" or " i own all/most of what i

Maybe they do, but why should they be expected to? (Which was my 
original question early on in this thread).

>Maybe i'm a complete crank, but i think one should not have to own so
>much as an individual (and, hey, i've now got a lot of SCA feast
>cooking and serving stuff), nor always have to be searching from
>someone to borrow from.

I don't see you as being a crank. I think it is personally reasonable 
for the group to own stuff that the group uses instead of relying on 
people to bring it on their own. Feast serving gear is no different 
from a baronial pavilion or any other regalia or equipment like lists 
gear and marshal gear in my opinion. It is something that allows the 
group to function in a feast situation and benefits all.

>I also think one should not have to be a member of a household to be
>a head cook. I bring this up because i cooked no feasts in 2005 and
>06 in part because every time i offered to cook a principality feast
>the principality seneschal turned me down because i wasn't a member
>of a household.

That is absurd. Where do people get these idiotic ideas?

I don't formally belong to a household and the group I camp with at 
war isn't inclined to do feast cooking. Anyone who is motivated to do 
the feast and can recruit a crew to do it should have a shot at it. I 
don't think it is unreasonable to do something a little lower in risk 
such as a tourney lunch for a first event but once somebody has 
proven themselves, it should be open.

Do you have a local cooking guild? Maybe establishing one would help.


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