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At 05:09 PM 2/22/2008, you wrote:
>Although the concept is not at all funny, it did make me laugh.? Our 
>little shire here in Cheyenne Wyoming has been around for 20 + 
>years.? Early on we were asked to put on a Kingdom event.?I was 
>asked to cook. ?We had nada zilch as far as cooking stuff or serving 
>stuff, and the site was not going to be a help.? I had some larger 
>pots and pans, and roasters but nowhere near what we were going to 
>need.? So, off to the officers I trudged with a request for cooking 
>stuff, and serving stuff.?Not as part of the event, just for shire 
>property. ?And was sent home without said cooking stuff.? The reason 
>given was that we had nowhere to store the stuff that was truely 
>neutral (and they were too cheap to rent a storage unit).? So I took 
>money out of savings and bought the stuff I needed.? The event was a 
>success.? Afterwards the exchequer and seneschal went over the feast 
>receipts item by item to make sure?I didn't include those 
>supplies?in the event budget.

James had a sort of similar experience- the shire had a few things, 
but over the years he's bought quite a bit of stuff himself (his 
kitchen supposedly has appliances in it, but seeing them past the 
stored stuf?). And then when someone else was doing a feast, they got 
in touch with him and asked where was the shire's kitchen stuff 
because all they could find was this handful... And then didn't want 
to believe him when he said the other stuff was his. He had to point 
out the lack of receipts from feasts he'd cooked, no record of a 
donation, etc. And he was more than a little cheezed that they didn't 
believe him. Fortunately some of the older shire members backed him up..

I do feasts in camp frequently, so I've been accumulating 
medium-sized serving dishes, especially ones that look like they 
belong in an illumination, such as bowls on pedestals, etc. The only 
problems is that they take up an awful amount of room in Zippy the 
Wonder Volvo...

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