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Fri Feb 22 17:34:54 PST 2008

Lainie writes:

James had a sort of similar experience- the shire had a few things, 
but over the years he's bought quite a bit of stuff himself (his 
kitchen supposedly has appliances in it, but seeing them past the 
stored stuf?). And then when someone else was doing a feast, they got 
in touch with him and asked where was the shire's kitchen stuff 
because all they could find was this handful... And then didn't want 
to believe him when he said the other stuff was his. He had to point 
out the lack of receipts from feasts he'd cooked, no record of a 
donation, etc. And he was more than a little cheezed that they didn't 


And what some of them really don't' appreciate is just how much those things cost. Since we like to cook, we accumulate stuff.? Sometimes gets me grumpy when someone just assumes they can use it.? Really gets me grumpy when they ask my other half (who makes jewelry, trinkets and coronets) to knock off a court barony in a week and expect him to absorb the cost, cause he is such a nice guy.? Back under the rock.? I hear the rest of the Estrella laundry calling, and dinner.? (BTW, does anyone have an idea why the little question marks have started coming up in my emails??)


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