[Sca-cooks] Cooking and Serving Equipment

Kathleen A Roberts karobert at unm.edu
Fri Feb 22 19:19:35 PST 2008

having served as a cook in a number of our barony's larger 
cooking events, altho not feast steward, when my time came 
i demanded SAFE equipment.  we had wonky handles and 
ill-fitting tops and about anything you could thing that 
would make a pot tip!

we had a rather mishmosh of standard soup kettles and 
frying pans and one or two mondo pots (for large amounts 
of rice or soup) and a slapdash of utensils, altho our 
serving stuff wasn't too bad.

the barony gave me a budget of something like 700 bucks 
and i went to the local food service supply who gave us a 
hefty discount as an educational group.   i got bookoo 
stuff of good restaurant quality and large amounts. 
 actually, it was quite a bit of fun, that shopping trip. 

of course, the next event with feast after mine i discoved 
the disrespect that was given to the good restaurant 
quality equipment.  oh, gee... i guess the heat got too 
high...  and that from a professed pro cook!  sigh!!!!!

we engraved al-Barran on all of the pot handles so it 
could be kept where it needed to be which was a good 
thing.  altho some things have gravitated off.

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