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You are very lucky to live in a barony who supports an active cook's guild and is
willing to put money into cooking gear.

I have over the almost 34 years of playing in the SCA found that it is better to
gradually purchase my own cooking gear and serving gear, so that when I do a feast,
I will know exactly what I have to work with and know that I can rely on what I have.
I have occasionally loaned out my gear to other groups.  Sometimes things come back
exactly as I loaned them.  Sometimes things come back ruined or don't come back at all,
with very few offers to replace the damaged or missing items.  I don't have to depend
on anyone, if I do a banquet.  In fact, as of this moment, I could put on a period feast
for 300 in a field, where all I would need for the kitchen was a water source.  Providing 
tables for that large a group might be a small problem, but not insurmountable.


--- Dragon <dragon at crimson-dragon.com> wrote:

> Lilinah wrote:
> >I know i have to supply all cookware, serving dishes, and utensils
> >when i cook a feast - yeah, i don't own everything, and i can
> >sometimes borrow from other cooks, but i can't count on it.
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> Why should you buy it?
> Our barony owns feast gear that they loan out to whoever needs it. I 
> can't imagine having to do a feast with just my own gear or that 
> loaned from fellow cooks.
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