[Sca-cooks] Late Italian feast

Bhadra bhadradharma at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 13:46:01 PST 2008

I have over the almost 34 years of playing in the SCA found that it is
better to
gradually purchase my own cooking gear and serving gear, so that when I do a
I will know exactly what I have to work with and know that I can rely on
what I have.
I have occasionally loaned out my gear to other groups.  Sometimes things
come back
exactly as I loaned them.  Sometimes things come back ruined or don't come
back at all,
with very few offers to replace the damaged or missing items.  I don't have
to depend
on anyone, if I do a banquet.  In fact, as of this moment, I could put on a
period feast
for 300 in a field, where all I would need for the kitchen was a water
source.  Providing
tables for that large a group might be a small problem, but not
Huette, if you were to advise someone just starting out as to what they
might need to do a period feast 
in the way of both cooking and serving gear, what would you suggest they
I'd love to see a list.  I have never cooked an SCA feast but am learning so
that at some point
I will be ready to do that. I have quite a bit of cooking gear at home
because I like cooking for people.
But I would like to see what your "laundry list" would look like. Then, if I
don't have it, I can tick it off the list
as I get things and when it is my time to start cooking feasts I will own
everything I need, and it will all be marked.

Our barony has been collecting things for years and has everything, but as
you have noted, its a good idea to
have your own gear.


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