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Fri Feb 22 20:48:35 PST 2008

Okay,Something is screwy here. IMHO that is a piss poor way to manage money,
not to mention have a Kingdom full of disgruntled populus. Could someone
have miss understood the bookkeeping?
What I understand for our Kingdom is that for Kingdom events, the Group pays
for things and is reinbursed by the Kingdom. If there is a profit it is

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And then, of course, there's the idea that we've been told that, for Kingdom
events, we must turn over a certain amount of profit to the Kingdom before
there's even the beginning of a 50/50 split.  The last time we did a Twelfth
Night, we were told that, no matter what the event made, we had to give the
Kingdom X number of dollars.  I never did get a solid answer about what
happened if the event didn't make that much for starters...were we supposed
to take the money out of our Exchequer?  I now understand that other groups
are being told the same thing.  Because of this and the lousy experience we
had with that Twelfth Night, most of us in the Barony don't want to have
anything to do with large Kingdom events now.  I do have to admit that a lot
of this was due to having a baronage that spent more time bootlicking than
working for the good of their Barony...

I know this sounds a little bitter, but it's been an ongoing battle for
several years now...and it's getting to a point where doing feasts and
autocratting events isn't really any fun anymore.  An autocrat or head cook
has to be a financial wizard rather than good at running an event or
actually cooking a feast.


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