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In Artemisia, there are only six official "kingdom" events (two Crowns, two Coronations, and two A&S events--one competition, one collegium), and the kingdom gets 50% of the *net* profit from those events, if any.  Sponsoring groups are also required to hold a kingdom fundraiser at the kingdom events--these tend to be bag raffles, or goods-and-services auctions, but people can get remarkably creative, and sometimes we have torchlight great sword tourneys, or easter egg hunts, or sales of indulgences....
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  I think that the deal is that the Kingdoms pretty much set this for
  themselves.  As an example, at one point, there was a 50/50 split of
  profits, if any.  Then the Kingdom changed it to 75/25 (larger portion to
  Kingdom).  Then a year or so later, it went back to 50/50.  The reason
  behind the demand for a certain amount of money that I described (as I'm
  told by those who work with the Exchequer's office for the Kingdom) is that
  the Kingdom is in desperate need of the funds and Kingdom events is the only
  way to make the money that is needed.


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