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Kerri Martinsen wrote:

> *Catalan Style Partridge (Neapolitan #61)*
> I'm not sure what works well with pomegranate - it isn't something I
> normally cook with. (I'm a german vinegar girl personally)

Lessee... recipes in de Nola that contain roast fowl and pomegranate

Okay, I would recommend one or more of the following:

CINNAMON -- this appears in most of the pomegranate-based sauces
sugar (used sparingly, as a spice)  > > > > > >

When I use this recipe from Neapolitan Cusine, I just fall back on my old
friend "poudre fourte" and call it a day.  Generally the stronger spices
are needed to stadnup to the sweet/sour/astringent of the pom juice.
Definitely cinnamon, cassia, cloves and nutmeg.  Also ginger, galangal,
mace, grains, cubeb (last two kinda English, though).

The dish doesn't appear to be cooked with the sauce so much as it is allowed
to sit while hot and absorb the sauce.  I have served a pomegrantate side
sauce successfully with fowl and pork.  'Tis better allowed to marinate
while it rests out of oven . . . the sauce can work very well on the side .
. . especially if some of the psices are used in roasting the meat itself.
Layer those flavors.

niccolo difrancesco

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