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Devra the Baker asked:

<<< We thought that we might have a non-seated meal, with five  
courses, coming out to the sideboard about 45 min apart, so that  
there was continuous food in smaller quantities. We thought we might  
do a traveling meal, with courses from the Middle East, Greece/Rome/ 
Italy, France, Germany/Poland/Russia, finishing up with England. And  
we'd like to do a lot of cold stuff, because the kitchen is VERY small.

The portions would be more like appetizer-sized than meal sized,  
because there'd be a lot of them - maybe 5 dishes in each course. And  
some of them, like the hummus, and the pita bread, and the herring in  
cream sauce, and perhaps the mushroom pierogies, would be purchased.  
(Costco, ya gotta love it.) >>>

<<< Opinions, suggestions, brickbats, etc, gladly solicited.>>>

I can't answer the questions you asked, although I can probably point  
you to recipes for a number of the items you listed in the  
Florilegium. This does sound like what many folks here have called  
sideboards or dayboards. Here are a couple of files that have some  
useful ideas on how other folks have handled these.

dayboards-msg     (62K)  2/20/08    SCA dayboards, middle-of-the-day  
Daybrd-Advent-art (16K)  8/ 5/02    "Dayboard Adventures" by Jadwiga  

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