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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Sat Feb 23 17:22:03 PST 2008

I asked Gianotta about possibly publishing her paper on Muslims in  
Sicily in the Florilegium and she replied to me here. I would  
normally have answered her by email but I also hope that others here  
might consider writing a paper for the Florilegiium or sending me a  
copy of one they've already written, so I'm sending this to the list  
as well as to her.
I'm not planning on publishing the food portion of this paper  
elsewhere, and I would be honored to have it on the Florilegium. I've  
also been researching the dance and costume of the Sicilian dancing  
girls at the court, that I do plan for another paper, maybe for TI.>>>

I don't know anything about Sicilian dancing girls, but then I doubt  
too many others do either. So an article on this would be nice as  
well. I assume this is a variation on Middle Eastern/belly dancing  
but don't know for sure.

I have articles in the Florilegium which were first published in TI  
and I have articles which were first published in the Florilegium and  
then later picked up by TI. One of the advantages of publishing in  
the Florilegium first is that you can then change or update the  
article as you learn more or get comments back from readers. Updating  
an article is much more difficult once it has been released in a  
paper publication. I have no problem with an article being published  
elsewhere as well as the Florilegium and since you retain the  
copyright with an article published in TI, they as well should have  
no problem with this.

<<< If you would like to see the first version of this paper, which I  
did as a general overview of Sicilian Muslim history during the  
Norman reign, I'd be happy to pass it on, but I am expanding it to  
include some information on the colony of Lucera in Apulia as well as  
expanding the recipes section >>>

Lucera? Where's that? Yes, I would like to see your first version of  
this paper. If you are going to quickly replace it with another one  
though I would probably hold off publishing it until later if it is  
going to require a lot of editing. Or, the first version of this  
article might make a good introductory article to the subject along  
with a longer article with more details. There are several articles  
in the Florilegium where there is both a short and a longer, more  
comprehensive article. There are advantages to each.

<<<... it's a PDF file with images, but I can edit it to a Word file  
without images if you'd like. >>>

Since I keep all of the Florilegium master files in Word or RTF  
format, getting something in Word or RTF is preferable than getting  
something in PDF. I can translate from PDF to Word but errors are  
more likely to creep in. Plus more work for me. The same goes with  
preferring electronic copy to paper copy. I used to have an OCR  
program, but I don't even know where it is right now or whether it  
will work with my current configuration. Since I can handle images  
and drawings, if you have permission to use them, I'd prefer Word or  
RTF with images. The reason that many files in the Florilegium don't  
have images is because they come from mail lists and such which don't  
handle or allow images.

I know that many SCA folks spend a fair amount of time researching  
and writing formal papers for A&S contests and that even at such  
contests few people get a chance to read such papers in detail. I  
really wish I could get more people in the SCA to send me such papers  
for the Florilegium. Not only does this give them some word-fame  
across the Known World, but it lets others than just those people who  
made it to that one event be able to learn from their work. I know  
that Mistress Nicolaa de Bracton of Leicester, recently the TI  
editor, has said she considered having her papers published in the  
Florilegium and elsewhere as one of the reasons she was given her  

If you are a Laurel, perhaps you might suggest writing a paper for  
the Florilegium (and/or elsewhere) to your students. Or if somebody  
here is on a (the?) Laurels list, perhaps you would work with me to  
post this suggestion there.

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