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<<< Our Kingdom has fundraisers for things like travel fund, regalia  
upkeep, so
the Kingdom event monies are for Kingdom events. Presently we are  
needing a
new Royal pavilion. Drx volunteered to spearhead the project and  
courtesy of
NORSA, We had an online auction for funds for the materials.
Perhaps your Kingdom higher ups might check with other kingdoms to  
see if
they have or had a funding problem and how they tried or did fix it.

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>>>>> The reason
behind the demand for a certain amount of money that I described (as I'm
told by those who work with the Exchequer's office for the Kingdom)  
is that
the Kingdom is in desperate need of the funds and Kingdom events is  
the only
way to make the money that is needed.

Kiri >>>

This file has a number of good fundraising ideas and comments on what  
has worked and not worked. Many of these could probably be adapted  
for use by a kingdom:
fundraising-msg   (52K)  2/ 5/08    Fundraising ideas for SCA groups.

I have a really mixed viewpoint on kingdom funding. In Ansteorra if  
the local group puts up the money for a kingdom event, they give up  
less of the profit to the kingdom, say 1/3. If the kingdom puts up  
the money then the kingdom gets 1/2 the money. I may be off on the  
exact split.

Anyway, for our last Candlemas event, the Crown decided a week or two  
before the event that they wanted to hold the Royal Huntsman  
tournament at the event to choose the Kingdom Archery Champion. Since  
this was an indoor event, there was no way to hold the tournament at  
the event site on Saturday, so the tournament was held at our regular  
Sunday archery site on Sunday. This was Superbowl Sunday, so the  
tournament was held at 9 am instead of our usual 2pm time so people  
could get home to watch that other tournament.

Anyway, that simple declaration thus made the kingdom automatically  
get 1/3 of the event profits, even though it made little if any  
increase in the event attendance, which is the way the kingdom has  
justified their cut of kingdom events. I'm sure the Crown "asked" the  
baron whether it would be okay to hold the Royal Huntsman tournament  
at our event. But since the current baron was stepping down and a new  
baron and baroness were stepping up at the event, I doubt any of them  
wanted to stir things up by saying "no".

Another way that Ansteorra gets money for the kingdom is to encourage  
folks to work as volunteers at Gulf Wars and have the volunteers  
specify the kingdom as the recipient for their work hours. Ansteorra  
has usually won the volunteer war point at Gulf Wars. I know my wife  
and I will probably be giving our hours to Ansteorra this year. Our  
barony has plenty of money already ($10K+).

Anyway, Kiri, I don't know how many Atlantians attend Gulf Wars, but  
if they could be encouraged to put in some volunteer hours that could  
give their kingdom some money. And privy patrol (my wife's specialty)  
gets double credit. I think she got 90 points last year.

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