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<<<Anyway, that simple declaration thus made the kingdom automatically get
1/3 of the event profits, even though it made little if any  increase in the
event attendance, which is the way the kingdom has  justified their cut of
kingdom events. I'm sure the Crown "asked" the
baron whether it would be okay to hold the Royal Huntsman tournament at our
event. But since the current baron was stepping down and a new baron and
baroness were stepping up at the event, I doubt any of them wanted to stir
things up by saying "no".>>>

De: Sorry but I consider the actions on the Royals part down right
inconsiderate and it sounds like an unnecessary inconvenience. Did they HAVE
to have the Archery Championship that weekend? Could it not have waited till
a following event? Or did they feel that they could get more money from a
Baronial event?

<<<Another way that Ansteorra gets money for the kingdom is to encourage
folks to work as volunteers at Gulf Wars and have the volunteers
specify the kingdom as the recipient for their work hours. Ansteorra
has usually won the volunteer war point at Gulf Wars. I know my wife
and I will probably be giving our hours to Ansteorra this year. Our
barony has plenty of money already ($10K+).>>>

De: How does this work? How does a Kingdom get money for volunteering at

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