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Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Sun Feb 24 15:48:10 PST 2008

Terry Decker wrote:

>There is a distinct difference between padding and making a profit on the 
>feast or the event.  Because of the way things are done in Ansteorra, I have 
>to plan for a profit to insure against a serious loss.  If you can provide 
>good measure and make a profit, why not.  I'm of the opinion that a 
>successful event  should return about 10% on the money risked as a hedge 
>against those times you take a loss.  The one I used to hear was, "we have 
>to take a loss on events because as a non-profit we can't make a profit on 

Welll... budgeting to return 10% and returning 10% _is_ planning to make 
a profit and then realising it.  (I used to be Reeve for our group.  I 
recognise only "profit"  and "loss"-- if it makes $1, it's profit.  If 
it loses $1, it's a loss :-)   )

>The most embarassing profit we made was about $800 on the feast, mostly from 
>falling meat prices when farms pushed an excess of beef, pork and chicken to 
>market just before the event.  The site got changed and we had a profit from 
>a reduced site cost, giving us about another $1,200 (IIRC).  The windfall 
>was used to eliminate site fees at our next event.

We made something like $6 per head once.  The steward had someone 
fringe-SCA who was mundanely a caterer to do the feast.  She seemed to 
have slightly different ideas about portions than the average SCAdian, 
and I think she thought she was doing us a favour by economising... but 
the truth was, there wasn't really quite enough food, it was pretty 
ordinary for the price, and she only spent $9/head out of 15.  We used 
the money to reduce the feast price at the same event the following year. 

Antonia Calvo 
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