[Sca-cooks] kingdom fundraising

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sun Feb 24 16:40:25 PST 2008

> Welll... budgeting to return 10% and returning 10% _is_ planning to make
> a profit and then realising it.  (I used to be Reeve for our group.  I
> recognise only "profit"  and "loss"-- if it makes $1, it's profit.  If
> it loses $1, it's a loss :-)   )

And the profit is usually miniscule compared to what happens when the event 
takes a hit.

> We made something like $6 per head once.  The steward had someone
> fringe-SCA who was mundanely a caterer to do the feast.  She seemed to
> have slightly different ideas about portions than the average SCAdian,
> and I think she thought she was doing us a favour by economising... but
> the truth was, there wasn't really quite enough food, it was pretty
> ordinary for the price, and she only spent $9/head out of 15.  We used
> the money to reduce the feast price at the same event the following year.
> Antonia Calvo
> (formerly known as Adele de Maisieres)

$9 a head expense money?  For that I could put my usual 2 1/2 to 3 pounds of 
food per person on the table and consider doing things with veal and 
oysters.  And she skimped on the food?


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