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Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Sun Feb 24 16:57:20 PST 2008

Terry Decker wrote:

>>We made something like $6 per head once.  The steward had someone
>>fringe-SCA who was mundanely a caterer to do the feast.  She seemed to
>>have slightly different ideas about portions than the average SCAdian,
>>and I think she thought she was doing us a favour by economising... but
>>the truth was, there wasn't really quite enough food, it was pretty
>>ordinary for the price, and she only spent $9/head out of 15.  We used
>>the money to reduce the feast price at the same event the following year.
>$9 a head expense money?  For that I could put my usual 2 1/2 to 3 pounds of 
>food per person on the table and consider doing things with veal and 
>oysters.  And she skimped on the food?

Well, keep in mind I'm in New Zealand and costs are higher here-- 
NZ$10-15 is about par for the course. 

The last feast I did I had $20 per adult and spent it all, but we had 
chicken, veal, lamb, fresh tuna, sirloin, prosciutto, gourmet cheeses, 
peaches, melons, grapes, cherries, four kinds of salad, -- basically, 
whatever the Hell I felt like buying.  (I actually bought an awful lot 
of meat, but I think they all skipped lunch or something, 'cos they ate 
pretty much everything).

Anyway, I think caterers have different ideas about portions, and she 
didn't know just what enthusiastic eaters we have here.  And I think she 
thought she was doing good by economising, when in reality, we usually 
expect the cook to spend most or all of the money provided. 

Antonia Calvo 
(formerly known as Adele de Maisieres)

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