[Sca-cooks] kingdom fundraising

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sun Feb 24 17:21:50 PST 2008

>>$9 a head expense money?  For that I could put my usual 2 1/2 to 3 pounds 
>>food per person on the table and consider doing things with veal and
>>oysters.  And she skimped on the food?
> Well, keep in mind I'm in New Zealand and costs are higher here-- 
> NZ$10-15 is about par for the course.

Given the exchange rate at the time $9 NZ would likely be aroung $6 US.  The 
current exchange rate is roughly $4 US/$5 NZ.

> The last feast I did I had $20 per adult and spent it all, but we had
> chicken, veal, lamb, fresh tuna, sirloin, prosciutto, gourmet cheeses,
> peaches, melons, grapes, cherries, four kinds of salad, -- basically,
> whatever the Hell I felt like buying.  (I actually bought an awful lot
> of meat, but I think they all skipped lunch or something, 'cos they ate
> pretty much everything).
> Anyway, I think caterers have different ideas about portions, and she
> didn't know just what enthusiastic eaters we have here.  And I think she
> thought she was doing good by economising, when in reality, we usually
> expect the cook to spend most or all of the money provided.
> -- 
> Antonia Calvo

Caterers think of one entree meals, not multiple entree feasts and they do 
think in terms of profit.

$16 US a head.  That must have been one fine feast.  I'm envious.


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