[Sca-cooks] Advice on feast cooking and supplying.

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Oh Stefan! LOL, I meant my INNER vision, as in, seeing into the future
and seeing what is possible for me to accomplish...sometimes I am 
very limited in that respect. For instance, I would never have dreamed
I would write books, or design book covers, or other things I have
in my life.  Yes, my physical eye vision ain't what it used to be,
but I use magnifier helmets and things like that for needlework and fine
That I can get around.

What I meant by this mostly was that I just couldn't "envision" myself
taking on
what seems to me to be a huge challenge..i.e. doing a feast or Royal
But then, anything is possible. I usually don't feel too courageous about
till I do them once or twice.

Thanks tons for the links! I will look at them just as soon as I can
(I'm getting ready for an event this weekend and sewing like mad at the

Your such a gem, Stefan.

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Sabina said:
<<< I agree with everything you suggested here. I doubt seriously
with my limited vision, that I would ever cook a feast that
large..but hey,
anything could happened, right? >>>
My eyesight isn't that good, but I've never considered that it might
be a limitation in my cooking a feast. My problem is more a lack of
cooking experience, particularly with large quantities. So I don't
see myself cooking a feast, but I have done one Royal Luncheon that
went over well.
Why do you think your eyesight might limit your cooking a feast? For
the most part you aren't cooking everything, you are leading others
in cooking individual dishes. I see a headcook as an overseeer,
organizer and troubleshooter. Others may disagree, though.
Perhaps this file in the FEASTS section of the Florilegium might be
useful to you:
headcooks-msg    (155K)  5/17/01    Advice for SCA headcooks.
Planning feasts.
<<< I especially agree with the budgetary
suggestions, as on 2 fixed incomes I'd have to do it that way anyhow.
99cent stores was a surprise though. We've got one and we cruise it
frequently. >>>
While this may not work for a large feast, you might like to look at
these files for cooking some period food at home:
Cheap-Apicius-art (13K)  9/28/98    "Apicius for the Impoverished" by
cheap-meats-msg   (18K)  9/ 4/97    Cheap meats for feasts. Cooking
with them.
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