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I know somebody else probably already answered this, but...

  I just recently did a feast and did  a recipe for chicken limonia 
from the Medieval kitchen recipes from france and italy.   (by Redon, 
Sabban and serventi)   for the spices for that they used :

1/4 c. freshly ground black pepper
1/4 c. ground long pepper (or additional ground pepper)
3/4 tsp ground cloves
1 whole nutmeg grated

and when you are adding the above mixture you add 1 tsp  per chicken.

this book also has a recipe for chicken with pomegranate juice and 
uses the same spice mix I listed above.

I used cut up chickens and did one chicken for each table of six.


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>Sorry for the missing information:
>I will have 13 tables of 8 for the feast.  I'm planning on cooking for 120
>just to be safe.
>The 2 chicken preperations was an idea which I might toss out.  The reason
>for it is that the lemon sauce is an almond thickened sauce and I was
>looking for an alternative for nut allergies.
>We have a fairly extensive spice collection with the barony that I'll be
>able to use.
>Speaking of spices, the 2 chicken recipes call for "good spices" and "mild
>spices" (recipes below).  Suggestions?  (Both come from Neapolitan)
>*Lemon Sauce for Chickens or Capons*
>Get one or more chickens, capons or cockerels that have been cooked a little
>in water; take them out of the water and mount them on a spit; then get
>peeled, well ground almonds and temper them with the bouillon of the
>chickens; then get lemon juice and mix it all together with good spices;  and
>put it into a saucepan to cook a little; then pour it over the roasts with a
>little fat;  serve it very hot.
>for the Lemon I'm thinking thyme, pepper & oregano.
>*Catalan Style Partridge (Neapolitan #61)*
>Get the partridge and roast it; when it is cooked, take it down from the
>spit and slice the wings off at the breast, and into those cuts put the
>following sauce:  get pomegranate juice or verjuice, salt, ground gloves and
>mild spices, and put this into the cuts while the partridge is hot;  and
>note that the partridge should not be overcooked.
>I'm not sure what works well with pomegranate - it isn't something I
>normally cook with. (I'm a german vinegar girl personally)

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