[Sca-cooks] Tetilla cheese

Robin Carroll-Mann rcmann4 at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 27 22:01:51 PST 2008

Suey wrote:

> The most common reference to tetilla cheese is from Iranzo's edition of 
> Nola 1982:171.

I was surprised to read this, as I didn't remember seeing such a 
reference in de Nola.  Admittedly, I'm more familiar with the 1529 
edition than the 1525 edition that Iranzo edited, but they're not that 

The page number you cited is in Iranzo's glossary.  He defines "tetilla" 
as "pechuga", which means "breast" -- specifically, the breast of a 
bird.  It took me a little hunting to find where in the book "tetilla" 
is used.  It's on page 30, in the section on carving fowl.  De Nola 
starts out with instructions for carving peacock, and says, "Despues dar 
un corte en la tetilla derecha" (then make a cut in the right breast).

I'm not challenging your assertion that tetilla cheese dates back to the 
Middle Ages -- I don't know enough to have an opinion one way or another 
-- but I don't think this citation is relevant to the question.

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