[Sca-cooks] Choosing a Cook, was Cooking and Serving Equipment

Terri Morgan online2much at cox.net
Tue Feb 26 04:05:15 PST 2008

> One thing I've often heard is, "I'm not part of the
> local cooks guild, so I didn't think I was allowed
> to cook a feast."  Do any groups out there actually
> have such requirements?  Should there be such a requirement?

We don't have anything resembling that - it's hard enough to get cooks in
our group! But we do have a rule that no cooking equipment belonging to the
Barony can be removed from within the barony without the approval of the
Moot (folks at our monthly business meeting). This came about after some
expensive kitchen equipment was take to Pennsic and used there then
partially returned in poor shape before the cooks ever had a chance to
actually use it for a feast.

It is hard to scrabble for funds and shop "like a Scotsman' in order to get
the least expensive/best deal one can for baronial stuff only to have
someone else waltz in and lose or destroy it, leaving you worse off than
when you first asked for funding.


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