[Sca-cooks] Choosing a Cook, was Cooking and Serving Equipment

euriol euriol at ptd.net
Tue Feb 26 06:28:03 PST 2008

My Barony does not have any such requirement, but typically the autocrat
for an event approaches one of the many cooks located in the barony and
askes them to cook feast or lunch. I do not believe it should be a

However, as a caveat to using Baronial Equipment, the equipment should have
an inventory done prior and after use of equipment. Maybe a waiver can be
signed that the person being loaned the equipment for a feast is
responsible for any damage beyond normal wear.

At my most recent feast I had a hand thrown porcelain bowl broken. I've had
these bowls for about 5 or so years now and have lost 2 in that time. I
consider this part of the normal wear of the set.


>> One thing I've often heard is, "I'm not part of the
>> local cooks guild, so I didn't think I was allowed
>> to cook a feast."  Do any groups out there actually
>> have such requirements?  Should there be such a requirement?

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