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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Wed Feb 27 09:05:00 PST 2008

silverr0se at aol.com wrote:
>Once again I am in need of the List's collective wisdom!
>I will be having my wrist reconstructed at the begining of April 
>which will call for me to be in a cast for at least 6 weeks. This 
>will allow me only the very simplest of cooking, if that. So in the 
>meantime I am cooking and freezing up a storm. I got one of those 
>new Reynolds suck-the-air-out freezer bag systems (it works pretty 
>well but I have not defrosted and eaten anything yet) and I'm 
>happily bagging anything that sits still for it long enuf.
>I have a question - I will be freezing a number of FCB (flattened 
>chicken breast) dishes like chicken marsala and wondered if it would 
>be better to freeze the sauce separate from the chicken. Any thoughts?
>Also, if you have any advice for me on one-handed kitchen techniques 
>I would appreciate it.
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Freeze it together with the sauce. If the bags are the kind you can 
also boil, it makes it dead simple to reheat. Just dump it in a pot 
of hot water in the bag until reheated.

As for cooking with one hand... hmm... that is difficult. I don't 
really have any advice for you there, I can't imagine trying to cut 
anything with just one hand, too dangerous. Unless you can enlist a 
minion for cutting, I'd suggest getting pre-cut ingredients from the 
grocery store and then just assembling them instead of cutting 
anything. You can get a lot of different products already cut up 
these days so that should make things easier. Baby vegetables that 
don't need much prep that can be steamed or sauteed help a lot too.


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