[Sca-cooks] Iberian Peninsula (was Galician independence )

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Wed Feb 27 13:28:36 PST 2008

niccolo commented:
<<< It's been lots of fun learning about the history of that region,  
though :o)
Probably impacted foodways and cultural integration for centuries  
what with
the Romans, Gaelics, Moors, and subsequent Kingdom realignments.>>>

Not to mention the enigma of the Basques, who had a big impact on the  
area and apparently outside of it, since they seem to have provided  
the navigators for much of the early New World exploration.

Unfortunately, like many (most?) Americans I don't know much about  
the various regions and nationalities of the Iberian Peninsula.

I have just added this request to my "article request list" for the  
Florilegium. Sometime I'll even finally get around to getting this  
list online. :-)

"9) During the Middle Ages, the Iberian peninsula (now composed of  
Spain, Portugal and the British possession of Gibraltar) was a  
variety of shifting regions and nationalities. An article contrasting  
the different areas and/or the history of the peninsula would be of  

If anyone has further ideas for this list or would like to see the  
list to perhaps look for article ideas, please email me and I'll send  
it or get it online. Like the Florilegium, this list is not just  
confined to cooking and food subjects.

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